A civil litigation attorney is a lawyer that represents a party in matters such as personal injury, landlord/tenant disputes, motor vehicle accldents, negligence, contract or products liability. Richard Sax is a civil litigation attorney located ln Santa Rosa, California who has been providing representatlon to clients in north-bay for over three decades.

The responsibilities of a civil litigation attorney primarily centers on representing clients who are seeking to recover money damages or specific performance from another party. Civil lltigation often results ln restltution of capital or the placement of an injunction on another party. If you need the assistance of a civil litigation attorney, Richard Sax is the experienced and responsive lawyer you want on your slde as he knows Califomla state laws.

A Civil Litigation Attorney is often known as a "litigator" or "trial Lawyer". As a civil litigation attorney, Richard Sax has worked with lawsuits as well as representing clients at hearings, arbltrations and mediations before admlnistrative agencies, federal, state and local courts. Richard Sax has handled many cases in Santa Rosa as a civil litigation attorney and is highly respected in the legal community.

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