Opioid addiction in Santa Rosa, California and the rest of our state is a devastating reality for many. The United States is currently in the middle of an opioid addiction epidemic. Not only has opioid addiction destroyed families and relationships, but it has taken lives. In such a dire time, the Law Offices of Richard Sax is here to represent those in court who are recovering from an opioid addiction or have experienced the wrongful death of a loved one to hold major pharmaceutical companies and doctors accountable for any harm they may have caused.

Oftentimes the dependency on opioids is created after a person has come off an injury or surgery and genuinely needed the pain-relieving effects at first. The purpose of an opioid prescription is to help relieve pain in the short term; however, prolonged use of the drug can have adverse side effects, causing pain to become worse over time. This reaction then creates a reliance, which makes taking opioids hard to stop. If dependency affects a person’s daily life and they are unable to stop taking the drug, that is when it is considered addiction.

Opioid addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. As time goes on, someone addicted to this drug will need more and more to stave off pain, eventually resulting in drug overdose. California has one of the highest rates of drug-related deaths in the United States, and fatal drug overdose as a result of opioid addiction has climbed in recent years. Unfortunately, many major pharmaceutical companies overemphasize the benefits of taking opioids and minimize these risks in their marketing.

If you or a loved one has suffered from opioid addiction in Santa Rosa, California, you may have a legal claim. The Law Offices of Richard Sax can help you receive the compensation you deserve. Call us at 707-525-1824 or email to set up a free initial consultation.